Intercooler - Air to Air


A intercooler is a unit that is designed to cool air that is fed from the turbo or supercharger.

Air/air intercoolers are a popular type of intercooler, as they are relatively simple and reliable. A well-designed Air/Air intercooler system is a cost efficient and reliable method of reducing intake charge temperatures in forced induction (turbocharger, supercharger) applications. As it has no moving parts, the Air/Air system is almost maintenance free, requiring minimal maintenance and attention.

Here at Trikab, we have constructed and installed a wide variety of Air/Air intercoolers to suit customers specific requirements. We can fabricate an intercooler to suit your exact needs.

Intercooler cores are available in a range of thickness'es to suit. 30mm, 43mm, 55mm, 76mm.


An air/air intercooler consists of a tube and fin radiator. The pressurised air (post turbo) passes through thin rectangular cross-section tubes that are stacked on top of the other. This air is exposed to the large surface area of intercooler that absorbs and transfers the heat through the thickness of metal. Outside air - driven through the core by the forward motion of the car - takes this heat away, transferring it from the intake air to the atmosphere.

The speed of the vehicle is important to maintain the cooling effect of the intercooler. If the vehicle speed is not maintained, the ability the intercooler to cool the pressurised air is reduced. If desired, one or more fans (we use SPAL) can be fitted to the intercooler to ensure air flow through the intercooler is maintained.

Low speed applications require larger surface areas to be effective while high speed applications can use lower surface areas.

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